Course Description

Writing is the primary way business gets done in today’s collaborative world. When it’s done well, business gets done well. Well-written proposals lead to more revenue; clearly written memos and reports lead to deeper insights; clever marketing materials boost marketplace reputation. But when writing is not done well, it creates a slew of business problems, undercutting business performance and the bottom line. That’s why we believe it is the most important business skill.

The course will be hugely beneficial to staff who write reports/proposals and letters, and to those who wish to improve their writing skills and get their writing seen by more people.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the course

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Structuring your document

    • Structure

    • Structure Quiz

    • Tone

    • Tone Quiz

    • Editing

    • Editing Quiz

    • Presentation

    • Presentation Quiz

  • 3

    Common Mistakes

    • Common Problems

    • Common Problems in Writing

    • Jargon

    • Jargon Use

    • Write as you speak

    • Writing as you speak

    • Buzzwords

    • Buzzwords

  • 4

    Word Choice, Sentence Length and Grammar

    • Simplifying Word Choice

    • Word Choice

    • Numbers

    • Use of Numbers

    • Gunning Fog Index

    • Gunning Fog Index

    • Apostrophes

    • Using apostrophes

    • The Colon and Semicolon

    • Using Semi Colons and Colons

  • 5

    Tips and Guidance

    • Checklist for your Writing

    • Checklist for your Writing

    • Email

    • Emails

    • Conclusion

    • Final Quiz

    • Final words


On completion of this training course, you will receive your CMG Certificate of Attendance. Please note certificates are only issued to those who complete the questions after each module, and complete the course in full. This course may also qualify for CPD hours.  Please check directly with your association or awarding body to see how many points they will award.